I asked 50 people how anxiety feels to them, and what gives them release

Video games are really great, like Stardew Valley

Showers, video games, drawing

I'll listen to instrumental music- Stoick's Ship, ALice in wonderland theme, all Spirit Stallion of the Cimmaron sound track and doodle pictures

i put on glitter makeup and let myself wear the socks i like, i read/listen/watch to fics podcasts videos



Play games, or watch youtube.

I try to take a minute and give myself a break by either watching videos, playing video games, or doing a different assignment that's less stressful


Blow stuff up in video games

Honestly, I just work on solving whatever problem stresses me out. I hate not being able to fix my problems more than anything

Hang out with people!

Paint models

Talk to my mom

If my anxiety gets to the point of a panic attack, I smoke weed to force myself to calm down. My panic attacks put me out of commission for an entire day, sometimes two, but when I smoke it calms me down within a few hours, and I can still have a productive day.

Organize myself by scheduling and executing my plans. Actively solving my problem helps keep me calm, which leads to overworking.

I find comfort in listening to my peers venting, it reminds me that we all have issues (big or small) and that we just need to do our best and support each other

Tea, knitting, breath work, snuggling, warm delicious meal, watch my little pony rainbow rocks or tangled to have a good cry and cheer yp. Aggretsuko is is a great cheery cartoon too. And Steven Universe. Held by a friend or a partner while i cry or tell them about the fears and anxieties

I like to play games

I like to talk to my close friends. Sometimes voicing my issues and trying to plan a schedule helps. I also like taking 2 or so hours to take care of myself. (Like showering, shaving, brushing and washing my hair, putting on clean clothes.)

I guess gaming in it's own way is therapeutic

Get near friends for distractions or close people for physical contact like hugs

Watch something calm for me

I like to talk with my friends online.

Read or draw

Weekly therapy sessions to work on better coping with my anxiety

draw, write, scream, anything to get it out

I blast music! I love music with fun rhythms. Because I'm super jittery and have a need to just /move,/ finding music that I unconsciously bob my head to is awesome. It redirects anxious energy away from the need to scratch at myself or wring my hands or whatever, and I can sing along!

I just let everything out, whether it be crying or venting to a friend about what im stressed about

I love to draw, play my violin, and listen to music. All of those things seem just kind of freestyle to me, and I usually just can relax when I do those things



Being around my dog is a good stress reliever

Indulge in speculative fiction. (Movies, games, books, etc.)

sometimes i let myself daydream (cutesy + domestic life stuff about/involving said closest friend), other times i draw my ocs or canon characters from my fave shows, sometimes i'll watch anime

Go for walks

get away from everyone, sleep, sometimes pray

Read a book , take deep breaths

meditate, play video games or watch Netflix

Burn a candle

I try new things either arts and crafts (sewing, doll sculpting, yarn things ect.ect.) or cooking and baking because making food is very familiar and comforting since i have been cooking since i was 4 (first two things i made were caramelized onions and scrambled eggs xD )

I try and see my boyfriend, who is very supportive of me and keeps my trichotillomania from acting up

Cry eventually


I guess the main thing is I sit in the dark alone and either listen to or play music

I practice mindfulness


Running, reading

Color, deep breaths

When I’m into a panic attack I count my breaths

Stupid, scared. Like I'm running out of breathe. Like the walls are closing in on me. Trapped, unable to move

Horrible, exhausted, worn out

Anxious and tired some days

scared, paranoid, self conscious, jumpy, no impulse control, without inner worth, a burden, etc

Like i'm constantly worried about every single thing on my mind no matter how big or small

General stress, feeling a desperate need to take action without a direction to act

Its like that feeling when your about to fall and you cant do anything to stop it, only its constant

It makes me feel like I can't do anything



It makes me worry about whether or not my life is going to go well, and it makes me dread upcoming (sometimes imaginary) problems



Paranoid, and exhausted

Like a grip in my chest that makes me feel scared, and I'm so much more aware of how fast my heart is beating and just unsure of everything, especially myself

Scared, irritated, intense sense of dread, like I can’t breathe

Stressed. Panicked. Nervous. Worried. Hopeless.

looming sense of doom

Nervous, Shy, Overtly Self Conscious

It makes me feel overwhelmed and emotional shutting down higher functioning and bubbling things to surface quickly


Like there's a pressure in my chest/ overthinking things like breathing


Out of control and powerless to change


Very insecure..nervous??

Like I want to cry

It makes me feel sadder overall

High-strung, overstimulated, & filled with a need to either flee or take immediate action

Horrible, never wanting to leave bed but getting too scared not to because of the possible work loads

Anxiety makes me feel jittery and so out-of-control. It makes me feel powerless, and I hate talking about it. Especially with my dad; in our household, 'everything is a choice.' So if I'm freaking out and take a nap because I tire myself out, that was a choice of mine, and thus, my dads allowed to be angry about it

it makes me antsy and irritable, super sensitive

awful, like youre trapped behind walls and you arent able to do anything about it

I feel really nervous a lot of times, especially when I have to talk or perform for people that I don't know very well or am out in public for too long



Like everything is wrong

Tired, Sad, Defeated

Isolated, out of the know... I get all clammed up and tend to cling to my closest friends for comfort bc I can't handle myself

panicked, stressed, impending doom

catatonic, useless

Sick and gittery

existentially lost

Hopeless. Like I'm always waiting for the shoe to drop

Instant stress. It gets my heart going like i had been running. It makes me say things i don't want to and be very short when there is no reason to be (im rude for no reason or i just say things out of order). It also make me feel guilty even if i did nothing wrong. As though everyone around me is staring at me or making comments about me

My heart feels like its being crushed or squeezed, and my entire body heats up. I begin to sweat. It can also cause my trichotillomania to act up, resulting in hair loss from my eyelashes and eyebrows

Focused, but too much causes extreme social withdrawal and suicidal tendencies

mostly insecure

It makes me feel cold and not in control

Harried, tired, unworthy